Controller and DC-DC Power Supply Design

We design and manufacture microprocessor based controllers for any application such as fan systems and power systems. Our fan systems contains fans, fan housing and controller with all sensors and alarms.

We also design and manufacture DC-DC power supplies using board mounted power modules. We design control circuit to provide optimum use of board mounted power modules, input and output protection and alarms.

Test Fixture and Load Cart Design

We design and build test fixtures for product development cycle and final product test. We also design load carts for Burnin test and long term reliability testing.

Our test fixtures and load carts are used by many power supply manufactures.

Test Set Design

Let us design, construct, and document your rack & stack test set.

We use off the shelf power supplies, loads and measurement equipment to build you a customize test set. Hence; offering a versatile cost effect approach to testing your unique product requirements.

We offer programming utilizing industry standard National Instrument Lab Windows CVI®.