QualTest & Control Inc. manufactures products for use in telecom shelters and other applications where energy efficiency and consistent electrical power are critical to operations.

Power Distribution Products

Circuit Breaker & Fuse Panels - Our power distribution panels offer flexibility to get optimum number of circuit breakers and fuses. Isolated circuit breaker modules and fuse panel can be configured to offer optimum number of breakers and fuses. Read more

Fast-Acting Indicating Telecom fuse block - The FAIT fuse block is designed to replace bullet style circuit breaker. Each fuse block provides 3 Fuse protected outputs. Read more

Fan Systems

Telecom Shelter Fan Systems, EC-Fan48V - Telecom Shelter Fan Systems, EC-Fan48V - Circulates fresh air into and warm/bad air out of a wireless shelter. Economizer option may be used to offer free air cooling. Read more

Telecom Cabinet Fan Systems - Fan trays circulate air within a telecom cabinet. Fan controller monitors inside temperature, DC bus voltage, fan blockage and controls multi-fan assemblies. Read more