FAIT Fuse Block

The Fast-Acting Indicating Telecom, “FAIT”, fuse block is designed for DC powered distribution cabinets.

The FAIT Fuse Block allows the use of multiple fuse protected outputs from single bullet style breaker slots. Fast-Acting Telecom fuses offer protection for low to medium load currents. Insert additional FAIT fuse blocks in breaker panels for additional fuse protected outputs.

FAIT Fuse Block Connections:

The FAIT Fuse Block plugs into either 48V/24V bus. Low/negative (-) input potential is provided through the bottom bullet terminal. The high/positive (+) input potential is provided via a front access terminal block or a locking bracket on top of the FAIT fuse block. This locking bracket allows users to secure the fuse block in its place. Positive (+) input potential can also be provided through the locking bracket.The upper bullet terminal is isolated, not connected to any potential.

Output connections are done quickly and safely via independent Molex connectors (2 pin). Outputs can be added and removed without any interruption of power to other equipment.

Alarm Connections:

One set of dry contact alarm pins (C, NO, NC) is provided to indicate fuse status. Alarm pins are 0.11″ wide tabs which are 0.02″ thick. Maximum rated load for contacts is 2A at 30VDC or 0.5A at 125VAC.

Minimum permissible load for contacts is 10µA, 10mVDC.

Absolute maximum input power: 100VDC at 20Amps

FAIT Fuse Block Specs

  • Size: 2.5″ x 0.75″ x 1.4″