Testing and Repair


We provide independent laboratory test reports which can be used as specification conformance verification for your design and/or marketing groups.

Our facility has the capability of performing complete qualification testing of power supplies or other electronic designs. Qualification testing (verification of design compliance with the design specification) is for competitive analysis and independent documented test report.

Using our extensive Test Facility, we are capable of handling a verity of power supplies (AC/DC, DC/DC).


We refurbish telecom cabinets and power cabinets. All refurbishing work is done in accordance with the “manufactures requirements.” All replaced components are selected from the manufacturer’s Bill Of Material.


We repaired over 10,000 power supplies annually which are used by Bell operating companies. Every power supply is tested in accordance with the “manufactures test requirements.” All replaced components are selected from the manufacturer’s Bill Of Material.

Our Technicians are qualified to analyze both analog and digital circuits and repair any power supply.