Variable or Single Speed Fan Tray

The variable or single speed fan tray is a multi-fan assembly used in telecom cabinets with or without battery backup. It contains a fan controller which monitors DC bus voltage, fan tachometer signals, remote thermostats or temperature sensors. Fan controller controls and monitors the fans to offer optimum cooling for telecom cabinets.

The variable speed controller controls the DC voltage to the fans based on the monitored inputs using switch mode regulation techniques to achieve proper fan speed for optimal cooling and minimal power consumption. The standard variable speed fan controller offers the following features:

  • Monitors and controls up to 4 fans continuously
  • Operates with DC Bus up to 60VDC at 3 Amps
  • Conserves power when switched to battery reserve
  • Compatible with COTS bi-metallic disk thermostats
  • Remote temperature sensor modules available (+/-1C Res.)
  • Power-on self test sequence assures fan integrity
  • External switch available to initiate self test sequence
  • Remote alarm and visual indication of faults
  • Programmable temperature/voltage thresholds and dwell times
  • Optional i2c serial interface for remote monitoring & control
  • Width=6″ Height=2.5″ Depth=10.5″
  • Maximum temperature rating: -40C to +85C